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Permit Class FAQ

Who can take your pistol courses?

Any responsible person who wants to learn how to safely operate a pistol may enroll.  Our only requirements are that:

   1) You are at least 12 years of age

   2) You are able to legally handle a firearm

   3) You are legally in the United States

Who is eligible for a Pistol Permit in Connecticut?

Applicants shall be issued a permit unless any of 14 circumstances pertain to them.  CLICK HERE for a list of circumstances that would exclude you from obtaining a pistol permit.

What if I've never shot a gun?

There is no experience necessary to take this course.  In fact, the course is meant to teach new shooters gun safety and the fundamentals of handgun shooting.

Where are your classes held?

Classes are centrally located in Meriden, CT at Silver City Gun Club.  Being a private club, you will not have to shoot along side the public as is common with a class held at a gun range.   The classroom is also on site meaning you will not have to travel from the classroom to a range for live fire as is common with many other classes offered in Connecticut.

What happens after I enroll?

We will send you your course materials, usually by priority mail.  This will include detailed information about the class (address, time, instructions), your course guide and a copy of the written test.

How long is the class?

Please plan on being there for about 8 hours, however if registration is low class may be dismissed early.  A break for lunch will be scheduled during the class.  There are many restaurants nearby or you are welcome to bring lunch with you.  There is a refrigerator and tables in the clubhouse. 

Will I have to take a test to pass?

Yes, there is both a written and shooting test.  But don't worry, it is our job to teach you handgun safety and the fundamentals of shooting!  The written test is open book so you can refer back to your course guide for the correct answers.  We will also train you one-on-one during live fire to not only make sure you pass but also teach you to become the best shooter possible.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring your state issued ID and your completed written test.  Be sure to dress accordingly as you will be firing handguns as part of this course.  No loose clothing, low cut shirts or open toed shoes.  All eye and ear protection will be provided for you as well as handguns and ammunition.  

Does my course certificate expire?

No, your certificate never expires.

Does my pistol permit expire?

Yes, you must renew your permit every 5 years with the state police.  The fee is $70 and can be done either in person or by mail.

What is your refund policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Please verify you meet the requirements to participate in this class and, if you intend to apply for a pistol permit, that you are eligible to do so.  Swamp Yankee Firearms does not make any guarantee to student's suitability to obtain a pistol permit.  If you cannot attend the class you enrolled for, we will be glad to transfer you once to another class that better fits your schedule.  72 hours notice is required for complimentary class transfers.

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