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Fixed Magazine Conversion

Swamp Yankee Firearms can now convert your AR15 or AR10/AR308 to a fixed magazine firearm.  This conversion makes AR rifles and pistols compliant under Connecticut laws all while leaving all your favorite tactical features in place. This provides a true solution to owning an AR rifle or pistol in Connecticut.  Swamp Yankee Firearms used the MA Lock from Mean Arms to achieve this solution.

About the MA Lock

The MA Lock is a shear bolt mechanism designed to lock MIL-SPEC AR magazines in place.  Developed for states with intrusive laws requiring fixed magazines, installing the MA Lock makes AR firearms legal and compliant, leaving all your favorite tactical features in place. Installation of the MA Lock provides a true solution to fixed magazine laws, thus eliminating the requirement to register your rifle with your local government.

MA Lock allows firearm to conform to Connecticut law when used to mount a 10 round magazine permanently. MA Lock replaces the spring and magazine release push button. Swamp Yankee Firearms removes the magazine push button and spring to replace with MA Lock. 

Swamp Yankee Firearms also offers an optional quick loading solution for your MA Lock.  The optional 10-round cartridge loading device allows you to safely and efficiently reload your fixed magazine without the need to break down the firearm.  Simply place the loader into your AR's ejection port and press the thumb-ring slider to quickly load or reload.  It is that simple and takes the same amount of time as a magazine change.  Note: Does NOT work with left handed uppers and may not feed reliably with some brands of 300 Blackout ammunition.

MA Lock

CLICK HERE to watch the quick loader demonstration video

Additional Terms of Service

PLEASE NOTE that the following policies and terms of service apply to fixed magazine conversions:

Any firearm receiving custom work, including fixed magazine conversion (magazine locking), must be picked up in Milford, CT or we can arrange shipping to your local FFL at an additional cost. 

Swamp Yankee Firearms will not perform a fixed magazine conversion on any firearm banned by make and model under Public Act 23-53.  This does not apply to "copies or duplicates" as magazine locking changed the way the firearm functions, no longer making it a copy or duplicate.

Swamp Yankee Firearms will only fix a magazine that is limited to 10 rounds from the manufacturer.  We will not modify factory magazines to 10 rounds for firearms where the magazine will be locked to the firearm.  We will not fix a factory 10 round magazine that can be altered to hold more than 10 rounds (such as a 10/30 magazine).  If the magazine that comes with your firearms holds more than 10 rounds your optiions are: 1) purchase a 10 round magazine to be locked via the item below, 2) supply us with a factory 10 round magazine to lock or 3) receive your firearm without a magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this make a firearm legal to own in CT?  Connecticut General Statute Sec. 53-202a defines what is considered an assault weapon.  In reference to semiautomatic, centerfire rifles and semiautomatic pistols, the section states the firearm "has an ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least one of the following" safety features.  When we focus on what is considered a detachable magazine, the same section of the statute reads  that a "detachable magazine means an ammunition feeding device that can be removed without disassembling the firearm action.  Action of the weapon means the part of the firearm that loads, fires and ejects a cartridge, which part includes, but is not limited to, the upper and lower receiver, charging handle, forward assist, magazine release and shell deflector."

A firearm with the MA Lock installed, by converting firearm's ability to remove the magazine whatsoever, is no longer considered as having a detachable magazine.  

It is interresting to know that Connecticut does not consider modern sporting rifles to be considered assault weapons unless they can accept a detachable magazine.  This acknowledges that CT does not consider these firearms more dangerous than other firrearms and only the detachable magazines are a threat to public safety, even if they can only hold 10 rounds.  However, other 10 rounds detachable magazines are not considered dangerous.  So as usual, no logic or science in firearm legislation.

Can a pistol be converted to a fixed magazine as well?  Yes, any AR15 or AR10/308 pistol can also legally be converted to a fixed magazine solution.

How about the CompMag solution?  Out of an abundance of caution, Swamp Yankee Firearms is not offering the CompMag as a fixed magazine solution.  Although the CompMag cannot be removed without separaing the upper and lower receivers, which are considered parts of the action of the firearm, they are not the only parts of the action.  Because the statute reads "not limited to the upper and lower receiver", we will not offer any solution unless the magazine cannot be detached without removing all parts of the action, or not able to be detached at all.

Why won't you lock a magazine that has been limited to 10 rounds?  Again, it is due to an abundance of caution.  Since these magazines can be converted by the customer to accept more than 10 rounds, we are not willing to perform magazine locking on such maghazines.  

Will you lock the magazine for any AR15 or ART10/308?  We will lock allmost any, but not all, AR15 or AR10/308 magazine.  Swamp Yankee Firearms will not perform magazine locing on any firearm banned by make and model under Public Act 23-53.  This does not apply to "copies or duplicates" as magazine locking changed the way the firearm functions, no longer making it a copy or duplicate.

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