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Purchasing Your Firearm Online

Buying your next gun from Swamp Yankee Firearms is a safe and simple process.  We sell to all 50 states and most US territories.  Simply select your firearm and add it to your cart just like any other item you purchase online.  From there it's a very simple three-step process to bring your new gun home with the help of your local Federal Firearms Licensee.

STEP 1:  At checkout, you will be asked to select your local FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee AKA gun shop) whom you would like to process this transaction for you.  If you don't have one in mind, no problem!  Simply enter your zip code and choose one from our dealer network.

STEP 2:  Swamp Yankee Firearms will contact your selected FFL to make them aware of your purchase and ship your firearms directly to them.

STEP 3:  You then make arragnements directly with your selected FFL to take posession of your new gun.  This is called a Firearms Transfer.  We will provide you with their contact information as well as them with yours.  Your FFL with complete your required background check as well as all federal, state & local paperwork required and give you your new firearm.  It's that simple!

Please be aware that your FFL will charge you a nominal fee for their service.  They are not hired by Swamp Yankee Firearms nor is their fee included in the price of your firearm.

Please make sure your firearm is legal to own in your jurisdiction.  Your FFL will not allow you to take possession of your firearm if it is not legal to own.  If you are unsure, please ask your FFL for guidance prior to placing your order.  

Connecticut Residents

Connecticut residents have the option of selecting Swamp Yankee Firearms as their FFL at checkout.  This convenient option allows you to pick up your firearm in Milford, CT without incurring any FFL fees.  Please be aware that these transfers are done by appointment only and occur only in the evenings or weekends.  Details will be provided to you withing 24 hours of completing your purchase.