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Consignment Firearms Sales

Why choose consignment instead of an outright sale?  When you sell your gun outright to a store or buyer, the first hurdle is to actually find someone who wants your gun.  This could take a significant amount of time including driving to different stores, waiting to speak with their buyer, or creating ads on auction sites or forums.  If you do eventually sell to a local store you can expect to receive only around 50% of your gun's value.   Why?  Because they need to buy low to assure they will eventually recoup the money they paid you.  Or maybe you will eventually sell it on an online auction.  But you already spent 2 hours taking pictures, writing a description and now you have to figure out how to ship the gun.  And what are the laws about doing that?

Let us handle it all for you!  With consignment you don't have to do any of the work and can expect to receive top dollar for your gun.  We determine the best market(s) for your individual gun, advertise, handle the payment including credit card processing, and pack and ship to the buyer.  And because we did not incutr any significant up-front cost, you get a much higher price for your gun.

OK, I'm in.  How does this work?  We make our consignment process very transparent.  We want you to be happy and comfortable with with the whole process and earn your business as a repeat customer of ours.  Here are the steps:  

- We appraise your gun to determine it’s value.  We want both of us to have realistic expectations from the start of this process.

- We determine the best market(s) to sell your gun.  If together we plan to sell at a fixed price, we come up with that price and an acceptable price for any offers made.

- We take posession of the gun, take pictures and document any defects in the gun.  We only accept guns in fully working condition unless otherwise disclosed.

- If we determine an online auction is the best market, we agree to start the auction at 70% of the determined value.  This gets buyers interested as the gun is seen as obtainable at an attractive price.  Although unlikely, reality is that there may only be one bid on the gun and it sells for only 70% value.  But it’s still better than 50% that you’d get selling it to a local shop!

- We subtract any costs involved to sell the gun, such as the price of the auction, from the selling price to determine the net revenue for the gun.  Our commission is 15% of the net revenue.  You receive 85% of the net revenue.  Our minimum commission is $35 per firearm.

How do we start?  Simply email us at to begin the process.