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Swamp Yankee Firearms is Connecticut's premier FFL for firearms transfers.  All federal, state, and local paperwork will be completed and filed.  A state and federal background check will be performed.  Transfers occur at our Milford, CT location and are by appointment only.  Come see what everyone is raving about!

We also offer add-on services to make otherwise non-compliant firearms legal to own in Connecticut.  These services allow a much larger selection of firearms to now legally purchased when transferred through Swamp Yankee Firearms.  These serices include:

        Magazine limiting to 10 rounds

        Fixed magazine conversions

        Welding muzzle devices

        Stock pinning

ONLINE FIREARM PURCHAES  We are accepting all legal transfers, no need to call ahead.  Most online retailers have our license on file, but if your seller does not, simply as them to email us at to obtain a copy of our Federal Firearms License.  You can also simply forward us a copy of your order confirmation and we will handle the rest.  Once we receive your firearm, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for you to pick up your firearm.

You can also set Swamp Yankee Firearms as your default FFL on Gunbroker!   To set this up, simply login and choose "Account" from the menu in the top right corner (Welcome ...)  Click on user preference, click Default FFL, and type in 6-06-xxx-xx-xx-08104.

The FFL fee is waived for any firearm purchased from Swamp Yankee Firearms.

PRIVATE TRANSFERS  We provide FFL transfer services for individuals looking to sell their firearms to another individual in Connecticut.  In most cases, both the buyer and seller come to the transfer together.  However if scheduling is a concern, the buyer and seller can come separately as long as the seller completes thier portion first.

ESTATES  Swamp Yankee Firearms can handle all firearm transfers from an estate.  Firearms can either be transferred to one or multiple individuals, or we can sell the firearms on consignment.  The executor of the estate will need to supply a copy of the paperwork showing them as such (probate certificate PC-450).

OLYMPIC PISTOLS  Swamp Yankee Firearms can handle the process of purchasing an olympic pistol which would otherwise not be obtainable in Connecticut.  We handle the individual's eligibility with SLFU, the additional olympic pistol documantation and assault weapon registration.  Due to the additional work and documentaion, there is an additional $20 charge for olympic pistols.  Please click on this service below for more information.

FACTORY REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT  Swamp Yankee Firearms can arrange all factory repairs or replacements with the manufacturer.  In fact, Swamp Yankee Firearms is an authorized Sig Sauer waranty dealer.  Let us handle what what is already a frustrating situation for you.

Is the gun I want to buy legal in CT?  If you have a question if you can legally own an item, please email us first before you purchase, preferably with a link to the product.  You will not be allowed to take possession of any prohibited firearm or items and your seller may not accept returns.  Any prohibited item that may be returned will be considered a transfer and incur the same transfer fee.

What happens to unclaimed items?  Items received by Swamp Yankee Firearms will be held free of charge for up to 30 days pending pickup and/or transfer to the customer.  Items held over 30 days will be charged a storage fee of $1 per day retroactive to the date the item was received unless prior arrangements have been made.  Any item held over 60 days will be considered abandoned and become property of Swamp Yankee Firearms unless prior arrangements have been made.  By you selecting to have your item delivered to Swamp Yankee Firearms you agree to these terms and conditions.

How to I schedule my firearm transfer?  Transfers are by appointment only and occur in the evenings during the week or throughout the day and evening on the weekends.  For firearms purchased online, we will email you once we receive your firerarm to schedule your transfer.  For private sales, estates or factory returns, please email us to schedule an appointment.

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