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Swamp Yankee Firearms offers firearms transfers for customers who purchase a firearm online from another shop, factory repair or replacement of your firearm as well as for individuals looking to perform a private transaction.  All federal, state, and local paperwork will be completed and filed.  A state and federal background check will be performed.  Transfers occur at our Milford, CT location and are by appointment only.

We are accepting all legal transfers, no need to call ahead.  You only need to ask your seller to email us at to obtain a copy of our Federal Firearms License if they do not have it on file already.  Once we know the delivery date of your firearm we will contact you by email to schedule an appointment for you to pick up your firearm.

If you have a question if you can legally own an item, please email us first before you purchase, preferably with a link to the product.  You will not be allowed to take possession of any prohibited firearm or items and your seller may not accept returns.  Any prohibited item that may be returned will be considered a transfer and incur the same transfer fee.

What happens to unclaimed items?  Items received by Swamp Yankee Firearms will be held free of charge for up to 30 days pending pickup and/or transfer to the customer.  Items held over 30 days will be charged a storage fee of $1 per day retroactive to the date the item was received unless prior arrangements have been made.  Any item held over 60 days will be considered abandoned and become property of Swamp Yankee Firearms unless prior arrangements have been made.  By you selecting to have your item delivered to Swamp Yankee Firearms you agree to these terms and conditions.

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