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Administrative Services

Swamp Yankee Firearms offers various administrative services to facilitate firearm ownership.  All services are rendered in Milford, CT and are by appointment only.  Appointments are usually only available in the evenings or weekends and vary based on availability.   To schedule your appointment please email us at  Appointments are usually in the evenings or on weekends pending availability.


Swamp Yankee Firearms offers notary services for any valid documents needing notarization.


Swamp Yankee Firearms offers fingerprinting services to assist in obtaining your NFA items, out of state permits or whatever the need may be.   Fingerprinting services include completion of two ATF compliant FD-258 fingerprint cards.

Assault Weapon Registration

Swamp Yankee Firearms can register your newly redefined assault weapons with you. We will complete and submit your application(s), take the required fingerprint and even take and notarize your affidavit(s). Cost is $15 for the first three firearms and $5 for each additional firearm. By appointment only.

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